Tallahassee Web Design

Tallahassee Web Design is Digital Opps’ series of blog posts explaining how your business can win big by optimizing your site for local clientele. If you or your local business has a website, it must be mobile-friendly.

Mobile Web Design

How are you reading this blog post? Most likely, you are using a mobile device. Ever since Apple revolutionized technology by introducing the iPhone in 2007, businesses have been capitalizing on the convenience and ease-of-use that smartphones like the iPhone and Android platforms provide. There are plenty of good reasons why, many of which can directly affect your local business’s bottom line.

Mobile Traffic

In 2016, mobile devices are driving internet traffic more than any other platform. Far more people own smartphones than computers, and in the U.S., 89 percent of adults report using or owning a smartphone. If your website isn’t mobile responsive (meaning that it adjusts to different screen sizes), your mobile customers aren’t going to visit to your site. You’re basically telling them that you don’t care about their experience or accessibility.

Here in Tallahassee, web design optimized for mobile traffic is especially vital. Some studies show that an unsurprising 80 percent of college students own and use a smartphone.

Mobile Search

Chances are, if someone wants to find out about your business, they’re going to do so using a smartphone. In 2015, more than half of Google searches were made from a mobile device. Moreover, 80 percent of shoppers say they use Google search to influence their buying decisions. Increasingly, mobile devices are the gateway to your brick and mortar store. As far as Tallahassee web design, you can utilize a mobile website and Google Maps to lead users directly to your store, giving you a chance to beat out the competition.


Do you prefer shopping online or in stores? For many, convenience makes the web the first place to look for new products. E-Commerce sites like Amazon and EBay are growing in popularity, and more people are finding everything they need online and having it delivered to their door. Studies show that the number of e-commerce purchases is growing every year, and that 30 percent those purchases are made from a mobile device. If your e-commerce website isn’t using mobile-friendly web design, you might as well hang a sign on your store that says “Out of Touch.”

Tallahassee Web Design

Trends show mobile internet usage rapidly outpacing desktop. Here in Tallahassee, many businesses have used mobile marketing techniques such as responsive websites, apps and smart social media as their main driver of business.

If you  want to capitalize on the exploding use of mobile devices, especially among millennials and students, you need to get smart about responsive web design. Until you do, you could be losing customers every day. Luckily, there are plenty of options for mobile-responsive platforms like WordPress that can help your website meet 2016 standards.