AnnaGrace Brackin

Account Coordinator

AnnaGrace Brackin is an Account Coordinator for RB Oppenheim Associates, serving clients through social media management, digital content creation, and strategy development. Her responsibilities include creating and executing strategic communication campaigns and marketing strategies that align with client goals. AnnaGrace’s robust skill set, combined with her love for organization and effective communication, makes her an essential team member in a fast-paced creative environment. Her passion for bringing ideas to life, a keen eye for detail, and well-rounded skill set, enable AnnaGrace to not only satisfy but to surpass client expectations.

Hailing from Tampa, where the ground is flat and it’s always summer, AnnaGrace quickly fell in love with the changing seasons and beautiful landscape of Tallahassee. In 2023, while receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing at Florida State University, AnnaGrace felt her pursuit for knowledge was not yet over and earned a secondary Bachelor’s degree in Advertising in the spring of 2024.

Outside of work, you can usually find AnnaGrace at a bookstore hunting for a new novel or sitting in front of an easel painting with meticulous detail and bright colors. AnnaGrace enjoys baking for her friends and family, hanging out with her dogs, and going on hikes.