web design elements

Web Design with WordPress.  In 2003, online blogging platforms became a popular method of communication for professionals and non-professionals as a means to publish their own content without having to rely on traditional media outlets. By 2005, Blogger (a Google product), TypePad and WordPress were the most popular platforms. After testing Blogger for a few months, we made the change to WordPress as our blogging platform of choice, due to its user-friendly backend administration panel and vastly more advanced publishing capabilities.

Fast-forward one decade later to 2016. We have built over 80 websites all powered by WordPress. The latest reports indicate that WordPress powers over 22 percent of ALL websites on the World Wide Web. So what has made WordPress so popular? As free open-source software, thousands of web developers and  blogging enthusiasts can contribute code to ensure its progress, evolution and adaptation to emerging technologies.

The core coding architecture of WordPress is comprised of plugins and themes. The plugins extend the basic blogging capabilities of WordPress and allow it to integrate with other third-party web-based applications such as PayPal for online payment processing, WooCommerce for selling products and services to social media integration with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just to name a few. The themes are the “skin” that allows the text and images to be manipulated page-by-page. Themes work in tandem with the plugins to create the optimal user experience. The combination of plugins and themes working on top of the WordPress software are what make it the most popular content management system (CMS). The powerful and unlimited capabilities of WordPress plugins and themes are at the heart of why we build our websites exclusively on WordPress.

Leveraging WordPress as the CMS for all our websites, we can build and develop each website to the individual needs and requirements of our clients. While our retail and hospitality clients require one set of features and functionality, our governmental agency, education, healthcare, not-for-profit organizations and association clients require a completely different set of capabilities. With more than 10 years experience of building websites using WordPress, we understand the importance of connecting the technology that powers your website with your overall organizational goals and objectives.

As a public relations firm for more than 30 years, we understand the value of shaping public awareness for our clients through the use of integrated marketing communications. One of the most valuable features of WordPress, is the built-in search engine optimization capability to broadcast a “digital ping” to the search engine to notify them that new content has been posted. WordPress provides the perfect one-two-punch through its ability to send a message to the two most important audiences which is your target audience as well as the search engines.

With any web-based CMS, security is a critical component to protecting your content. It is for this reason that in 2011 we began hosting our own WordPress websites. Through our annual hosting services we provide all core WordPress updates and plugin updates to ensure your website has the most up-to-date versions. We also install and monitor any threats to your website through our 24-7 security protocol systems.