YouTube Video SEO (A Comprehensive Tutorial): Part Two – Superpower Ranking Signals

Are you looking for a cost effective way to market your business? In today’s episode, you will learn the superpower ranking signals as part two of our comprehensive tutorial on YouTube Video SEO. Tune in to learn more.

Episode Details:

In this episode Michael talks about amplifying your brand by incorporating SEO. Due to the coronavirus pandemic causing thousands to go remote online traffic is at an all time high. This makes now a great time to increase your brands reach and grow your audience. Michael discusses the five superpower ranking signals guaranteed to boost your platform. The first signal is the comment section. YouTube uses the comments on a video as a central metric to determine which video to feature over another regardless of followers and other elements. Having a large amount of comments means the post is worthy of engagement even if they are not all positive. A tip Michael uses is, have a way to incentivize getting comments from your audience which will further your audiences reach. The second signal is subscriptions, having someone subscribe means that they enjoy your content so much they want to be notified every time you make more. They are a huge boost in your online ranking. Subscriptions are the initial signal to the consumer that you are producing new content. A key to grabbing their attention is having a clever title, Michael will dive deeper into this topic during part three. The next signal goes hand and hand with titles and is called a thumbnail. Thumbnails are the cover art to your content and having professional and polished thumbnails will increase your click rate. To hear the other signals you will have to tune into the podcast. Make sure you finish the series to best optimize your SEO.

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