WordPress Web Design and Training Center

Looking for web design resources? Need a better understanding of how to use WordPress? Our goal is to provide you with the website training so you have the ability to create, update and publish your own content on your website. Below are several videos you will find helpful in learning how to add a new page, create a new post, upload images and/or documents. 

Our web design clients receive up to three hours of recorded video web training sessions via Join.me to ensure a successful transition in using and updating the mobile-friendly websites custom designed for their unique needs. Our website video training session allow for up to eight attendees to view the training session. We provide a link to the recorded video for each 60-minute video training session for future staff reference. In addition to the personalized training sessions, we provide full documentation on the website functionality via web-based documentation as well as supplemental short video tutorials on the nuances of the any page builder elements.

Based on 10 years experience and more than 85 websites built on WordPress, nearly 90 percent of our clients have reported having full confidence in the ability to edit, update and publish new content based on our extensive training and documentation. The remaining clients who did not feel confident in updating their site internally did not have the staffing resources to dedicate the time to maintain and/or publish content and as a result hired us to manage those daily website maintenance updates.

If you have any questions in regards to technical support for your website, please contact Michael Winn 850-386-9100 for assistance.

Add an image from Media Library

Add an image from your Computer

Add Heading style to a Post or Page

Add Image from URL

Add Links to a Sidebar

Upload Media to the Media Library

Add New Page

Add New Post

Add Paragraphs to Posts and Pages

Introduction to the WordPress Admin Bar

Approving and Editing Comments

Working with Categories

Change Password on the Your Profile Page

Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

Delete an Image from a Post or Page

Edit Image in a Post or Page

Editing Posts or Pages

Edit Links

Introduction to Post Excerpt

Set Featured Image for a Post or Page

Creating Hyperlinks

Introduction to the Image Editor

Introduction to Link Categories

Ordered and Unordered Lists in Posts and Pages

Introduction to Media Library

Embed videos, images and media into posts and pages

Paste from MS Word into Posts and Pages

Working with Quick Press

Replace images in a Post or Page

Restore Page from Trash folder

Restore Post from Trash folder

Working with Tags

Introduction to the visual editing formatting toolbar

Trash a Page or Post

Introductions to Widgets

Introduction to Menus

Change Theme

Image Galleries

Create and Edit Users