BAB-logo-top2BritishAmerican Business is a transatlantic business network dedicated to championing our members’ ideas, interests, people and values. From our vantage point location across the best business arena on the planet – New York and London – we connect executives, corporations, information, and the public.

We convene our networks, deliver business communications and advocacy and we help our members grow and sustain their relationships, influence and businesses. We celebrate their successes together at high profile sell out events.

We champion our members’ ideas, interests, values and diversity as transatlantic business at its best, both big and small. Together, we lead by example, proud to be in the private sector and serving the public interest.

Our services reflect what our members tell us: the best business is personal, and all business is practical. We know what our members want, who they need to meet, and how to deliver value for money. This is one of many examples that show our website design capabilities. Learn more about how we can assist you in creating your ideal website!

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