YouTube Video SEO (A Comprehensive Tutorial): Part Three – Sexy Titles, Channel Promotion and Optimization

In this episode, we wrap up YouTube Video SEO. For brands looking to boost their YouTube channel reach and increase their video ranking, this is a MUST tune in episode!

Episode details:

In today’s episode we discuss YouTube video SEO and how to utilize sexy titles, channel promotion, and optimization to increase brands digital reach. Brands need to understand the power behind optimizing your channel and the effects on surge within the YouTube platform itself. Broken down into four parts we discuss how to put out content to catch the attention of the platform in order to get their users to tune in. The first strategy is by creating titles that will appeal to YouTube’s algorithm. It is important to include keywords in your titles that way YouTube will display it to more people. The second part discusses the importance of YouTube video SEO including a long description similar to the one you are reading right now. Having a long description optimizes how your content will be processed in search results. Including a description will increase the places your videos will pop-up among different search terms. Thirdly, we talk about the cross-platform strategies that you have not thought of and how to attract users that are looking for your content. By cross promoting your content you open yourself up to be discovered by people who are seeking out information directly connected to your messaging. Lastly, we go over how to curate the perfect “about” section of your YouTube channel. It is critical to include keywords among all sections of your content and that most brands do not initially think to include them in their about section. This is an essential episode to watch if you are interested in optimizing your channel and enhancing your YouTube video SEO.


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