YouTube Video SEO (A Comprehensive Tutorial): Part One – Magic Topics & Video Recipes

One of the most underutilized digital marketing strategies by brands is YouTube video SEO. YouTube videos, when optimized properly, have massive upside to amplifying your brand reach. In today’s episode, we will cover the first two important elements of optimizing your video content. The first is how to find magical topics and the second is the recipe for creating high-retention videos.

Episode Details:

Today’s episode talks about YouTube SEO in the kickoff to a comprehensive three-part series. The key takeaways today are including special topics and how to make a video recipe to attract and grow your audience. In today’s climate, which has drastically changed during the COVID-19 pandemic everything is digital. Businesses need capture their online content such as zoom meetings and use it to build their brand and create brand equity for their business. Michael dives deep into discussing the importance of picking what he coins as magical topics. He describes the return on investment for a brand that can be unlocked when this is done right. In the market today Michael describes how some fortune 500 companies are shying away from spending their money on digital advertising. He explains how companies are looking for the underpriced attention that can be gained from maximizing YouTube SEO. Mastering YouTube SEO has long term benefits that spread far beyond a singular video. Michaels secret formula holds the key on how to correctly choose topics that best suit your channel. He tells you the metrics and measurements to look out for to gain YouTube and Googles attention. Gaining user attention leads to longer engagement and more advertising views which profits the creator and YouTube. YouTube will highlight creators who they deem more profitable and then they will boost your channel in their ranking system. This concludes part one, to continue learning tips and tricks continue watching the series.

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