Smoke Free Defense is a host of web-based platforms created by advocates of smoke-free devices and products who support the members of vaping organizations across America. We defend the rights of those who want the freedom to enjoy smoke free activities, vaping, e-liquide, e-cigarettes and other tobacco-free activities for Tobacco Harm Reduction, pleasure or otherwise. We are professional advocates, lobbyists and communicators. We lobby government officials, primarily on the state and local level where the majority of news laws are being proposed that would limit the freedom of Americans to engage in smoke-free activities.

Smoke Free Defense exists to help the smoke-free community organize itself politically and raise the funds necessary to compete with their opponents. SFD is not a Chamber of Commerce. It is not a Club. It is not a non-profit organization. SFD is host of platforms designed to use modern online techniques for organizing a community of stakeholders so that their collective weight and influence is effective in the halls of Capitols around the Nation. Through our extensive network of contacts throughout the smoke-free community nationwide, we identify legislation on the state and local levels that, if adopted, would limit your rights.

We quickly mobilize by developing strategies to defeat the proposals. We hire lobbyists. We manage lobbying teams. We organize petition drives. We create effective messaging and deliver it in the most effective way based upon our decades of experience with advocacy, litigation and lobbying. And we manage the Smoke Free Defense platforms to raise the funds necessary to pay for these services so that the members of organizations have a strong team defending them against over-reaching government.

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